Level Fillers

Federal level fillers offer precision and speed for a quality, efficient manufacturing process. Federal has a long history in designing and developing gravity fillers and this has established a high reputation for Federal internationally within the industry. These fillers vary in size and can be used for a large number of different products and packaging depending on your individual requirements.

These fillers are able to be cleaned with steam, hot water or with automatic clean in place (CIP) systems. Other available features include HEPA enclosures, programmed exterior sanitizing system, closed filler bowl with sterile air and bottle and cap sanitizing systems.

Federal 60 valve Modular Series Modal


Net Weight Fillers

Federal’s Ultraclean/ESL net weight filler is a highly hygienic level filler and excellent for juice and dairy producers who require maximum product freshness and shelf-life. This filler features damped load cells with overload protection which significantly reduces or eliminates the effects of vibration and initial fill shock. Each station can be filled by weight or time.

Federal net weight filler ESL/Aseptic model for 250ml to 4L product